Hello December!

First up, enjoy my roses. They came out to play today and I thought to share. I was writing something else until my morning experience today and I couldn't think of what to title it, so Hello December it is.

Today, I actually experienced first hand, that saying "be careful what you say or how you say it to another person because you don't know what that person is going through or has been through". My day starts and as usual (after giving thanks etc), I set out all dressed up for my morning walk (believe me, I try to cover up as best as possible with 'everything' well 'held down' in place and all. As I return, I took off my jacket and moved into the garden to water my plants (another usual routine), then Dr. M comes out, getting ready to go out, stops, looks me over and asks 'Is this how you went out?' Which, honestly, depending on how I was feeling on a good day could have played out any way BUT today, it went VERY wrong and why? You see, every morning, before watering, I usually walk through my garden checking out my babies and these two (see header pictures) had excited me, until I saw some of my asters dying or dead (the heat hasn't been good for some of my cuties) and I was soooo upset / angry (why! Ko ye mi o BUT e pain me). Then Dr. M comes at me with his question, abi observation and BAM!!! He got the brunt of it 🙄. I'm sure he was shocked especially when I went on and on about decency etc. Long story short peeps, this is / was my experience and like I said, it got me thinking.

A smile here, a kind word there, some understanding and so many little things go a long way as you never know what could 'trigger' that 'fuse'. Truth, everyone is going through one thing or the other. Kisses to / at the good doctor, who unfortunately didn't know what hit him this morning 😳 (he probably blamed it on menopause - hmmmmmm.... that is another story or stories for another day). To one, take a chill pill, relax and just breathe. To another, just be' kind', considerate and 'helpful'.

Truth is somehow or the other, we are ALL going through something, yes, BUT guess what! We have every reason and cause to be thankful. O Yes! We do and if it's just reading this, that means you are alive, I dare say that's more than enough reason to give thanks.... And it's that time of the year AGAIN!

Yeah! Resources are tight, scarce and non existent even, in some cases BUT the joy and hope of being alive, gives one the impetus to want to 'do something', that is, to move!. It will not always be like this! Keep hope alive and let's give thanks. As usual, if there is something (anything within my power or that I can find) you think I could do for you, just drop me a line - bantzwithtee@gmail.com and if you want me to speak with you or we even share a quick joke, you could drop your number. We will get through this, JUST BELIEVE! It's mee as always Tee!