I found myself in a dark place. Twisting and turning, rolling life through my mind, pondering and wondering. Then, it dawns on me as I asked myself THE question - Omo! What are you grateful for?

I thought it would be hard, seeing as 2020 has done us 'dirty' BUT it wasn't hard at all as I found myself counting / making an almost endless list of things that I am grateful for.

Join me, as I list some (mind you, some) of mine and it would be my greatest delight, if you would list those things you are grateful for at this time. Ps... You don't have to share with us, it's just an opportunity for you to 'Count your blessings and name them one by one' (do you remember that?😊)

Anyways, back to my list as you make yours:-

I am grateful for:-

- Life and living

- My family: Nuclear, Extended, Friends turned family and so on

- My special friends, my sounding boards

- Bantzwithtee and some of the things that we have been able to do so far (hopefully we will be doing more)

- My actual life work @asteriml and my colleagues

- My acquaintances along the way

- Our partners

You will notice I have grouped, or else, the list will be endless and we / I might stand the risk of losing out on something or someone (including You!), so when drawing up your list, you could use broad headers as we have done or make that longa** list and see that you have more than enough reason to be grateful.

Two Quick stories before I sign out 😉😉

1st Story: Saturday, I was at the hospital to see someone and we all got jisting and he said, when you wake up in your bed, walk around your home or about your daily business, you don't know the Grace that it takes or what level of gratitude one should have / give. We all agreed and laughed at him saying 'lying down in a hospital bed, unable to do anything is capable of making anyone think, right' BUT truth! Was it funny though? Is it a lie?

2nd Story: PreCovid, I wore a lot of heels and so much glamour etc. Post Covid (or at least now as we gradually are trying to get our lives back together), I find it very difficult to wear any of these shoes, feeling more comfort in my good ol'flats and tiny heels. Looking at a wide array of colours and heels, I ask myself, so what next? Having gathered all these, spent so much and now, here y'all are, gathering dust and cracking especially for those that have stayed even longer. Then one remembers, vanity upon vanity, ALL is VANITY!

This is not a horror story, this is a story of grace and gratitude. Of giving thanks in any and all situation. Let's not be flat on our backs ill, broke or upset before we remember the grace we enjoy daily as we live, hoping on a brighter and better tomorrow.

It's mee