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SOME LESSONS WE'VE LEARNT SO FAR Marriage Lessons Some lessons we learnt speaking with Olusb and DorothyTuash.

Some key lessons as they discussed and shared their year's journey with us.

1. Marriage is a partnership. It's about working TOGETHER as a UNIT, a TEAM. 2. Being considerate of each other. 3. Take it a day at a time. No expectations, just give it your best. 4. Be tolerant. Don't allow fights to extend. 5. Know each other's growth plan and encourage one another. 6. Never be afraid to have those hard discussions, especially finances. 7. Don't be moved by pressure.

HR's perspective on Millennias Millennials get a bad rap in the workforce. These 20-somethings are often accused of being disrespectful, indifferent to authority, overly self-confident, needy and prone to job hopping!?

To an extent, these might be true BUT many of these criticisms are exaggerated. Some key lessons from our HR consultant - Mr. Gbubemi Atimomo -

1. Involvement: Try to involve them in whatever actions being carried out. 2. Openness is needed to address a harmonious work environment (from both parties to listen and act). 3. Balance the teams and give everyone an equal voice irrespective of age or position. 4. Let everyone feel comfortable to speak as well as understand that their opinions / suggestions are valid. 5. Give everyone the opportunity to implement whatever tasks they are given. 6. OPENNESS is key!

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