The Year 2020!


There is definitely light at the end of THIS tunnel, trust me!

The year 2020 on the whole has been an 'interesting' one BUT the past two months have been on 'steroids' all over the world and then it was Black Tuesday in Nigeria!

Little wonder you haven't read, listened too or watched anything new from us. Initially, it was in solidarity (with the movement) and then, it was to regroup. Yes, regroup.

Post Black Tuesday saw us dealing with a lot of PTSD, depression and general mental health issues that came from a place of 'hopelessness' and honestly, it was overwhelming.

To you - How have you been coping? How have you coped? Share your experiences with us anonymously if you want, so that others can learn (we are all learning and healing right now).

Quick one though, remember, self care isn't a luxury BUT a necessity and one of the key facts we have constantly reiterated in 2020 - These are 'interesting times' and our greatest achievement so far is being alive! Alive and hopefully of sound mind, in somewhat good health and able to 'manage' to feed.

It hasn't been an easy year BUT we give thanks.

If YOU OR ANYONE (you know) is not working / not getting a pay cheque and runs out of food or necessities or times are just tough...please don’t let yourself or your kids go to sleep with an empty stomach. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to send us a private message. We are more than happy to help. No-one has to know. What's understood never has to be explained!

We’re here to help. And someday, when times are better, you will be able to pay it forward.


A lot of beautiful things are happening, stay encouraged please. #hugs

I am TEE!