It's Thankful Thursday and no better time to celebrate and recognize, YOU, the amazing people that make BantzwithTee, such a success.

Remember the five magic words, growing up? Quick reminder😁 ...

They are:

  1. Please

  2. Sorry / I'm sorry

  3. Thank You

  4. Pardon me

  5. Excuse me

There were even songs, I believe a lot of cartoons still teach these values today. It's sad though or should I say amazing, that quite a lot of young people don't know these words (or they know the words BUT don't understand why or the need to use them!)


We were bred on these words and they were integral to how we (my siblings and cousins) were raised. Regardless of the situation, circumstances or with whom, these words still resonate with me and mine (seeing as my children were raised as best as I could, the same way we were raised BUT with some consideration for the present day circumstances. Guys, raising children is honestly by His Grace; story for another day).

However little, in whatever situation, a 'thank you' is always appreciated BUT sometimes, you might find yourself struggling to show genuine and sincere appreciation without using these exact words especially as they have almost lost their meaning by being used often and 'without meaning' (you get that, right 🤔).

Personally, over the years, I have tried to say these words with as much thought and honesty as I can, expressing heartfelt appreciation for an action or in reaction. Not always easy BUT I try.

Today, I say one of those heartfelt 'thank you', to show gratitude as well as appreciation to you all for the support that this blog as well as the podcast

(BantzwithTee) has gotten from every single subscriber, follower, friend or fan.

Let me say right here, that 'thank you' alone cannot express the genuineness of my feelings BUT that is what I will say.

The season one finale of our podcast is dedicated to you all as our way of showing appreciation.

Once again, Thank you. Nagode. Dalu / Imena. E se / Mo dupe.

Thankful as always,

Its meeeeee,