Thankful for an amazing year, it's a wrap folks!

It's the last day of 2020 and boy am I thankful. Thankful for every second, thankful for everyone that impacted my life (good, bad, ugly and any other way). It's truly been an amazing year regardless and as always (yeah right, you know 😉), I give thanks.

Writing this, I just realised, thanksgiving is actually synonymous with / to me (English major, which is correct?). My name is Tolulope, a couple of friends (if you are reading this) call me Tioluwalope and guess what it means? Guess 🤔😉.

My name means Thanks belong to The Almighty. Yes, in all things, at all times, rrrrrregardless, I give thanks. I will give thanks. I will continue to give thanks. Thanksgiving is all I know.

As we round off this year (a very interesting, short / long year, impactful in various ways, painful, sweet and so much more), an odd thought (is it actually odd though?) struck me and I thought to share.

I just realized 😁, I don't need a 'bio' or a memoir, should anything happen to me, (at anytime, as will obviously happen to everyone of us, someday). Why? Well, I have happyly been able to share my life over the years and guess what, I am glad. No regrets. Mostly, an open book BUT, some gaps hopefully would be filled by family (as soon as they get over whatever emotions they would be feeling), friends (not sure I have many of those🤔), others by acquaintance (loads of those, if they ever decide to say anything🙄) and whatever else kind of relationship I have 😁). Notice how it's a broad spectrum for each, hopefully ensuring that whatever you think I mean or meant to you would fit into any of these 'boxes'). Whatever though, just check through all my social media 'footprints' and I can tell you for free, somehow or the other, you would have me 'profiled'.

2020 has seen us lose a lot of people, many have been born and I guess that actually is the cycle of life. Constant motion, no 'gap' for stagnation or you get crushed. Bottom line, the need to constantly 'innovate', in order to remain relevant BUT not just innovating for the sake of it, innovate in such a way and manner that affects those around you (hopefully for good / greatness).

My thought on death is usually simple, I believe it's an 'examination' that we all must take and for this, there is no passing or failing, the best we can do is to have lived a good life, as best as we can and hopefully coming to realization in good time (e get why. Not sure too many would understand this. I truly hope you get what this means). We are all sojourners on earth, striving to better ourselves as humans as we journey through life.

Did it ever occur to anyone though, that death is not final? Remember, these are my thoughts.

What exactly does Rest in Peace mean? Why do people say this? What really do you think happens to a soul that passes on, into the beyond? Why would one smile in death and another, grimace in pain or fear?

So many questions, right?

Wait! Or is death, that which 'we don't understand, can't fathom, so we don't discuss it'? Perhaps, we should just let the dead stay dead and the living live?

Tell me, have you ever thought about it? Or even asked yourself, why? What next?

Don't mind me😔, 2020 got me thinking, contemplating and all that, hoping and prayer that I don't lose sight of or forget some of the many lessons I have learnt this period - (in no particular order) -

1. Giving thanks

2. Solitude / Silence

3. Prayer

4. Family

5. My mental wellbeing is paramount

The issue of mental health has always been a priority for me and I always advocate 'taking a step back and breathing'. Life has already got its ups and downs, why make it any more difficult?

Today, as we get ready to hopefully move into 2021, let's all try as best as we can, to find for ourselves, 'a good place'. Personally, I strive as best as I can, ALWAYS, to 'find that good place' and it could be anywhere - in my head, in my heart and in my life.

The truth is, noone has any right to take up space (rent free for that matter) in my head, my heart or even my life. I believe this should also work out same for everyone.

I can tell you for free, if, peradventure, you find yourself in any of 'my spaces', then, I obviously wanted you there BUT never ever at the detriment of myself, my heart and most importantly, my mental stability. I have let many things slide, let many pass, not because I'm cold or because I don't care BUT really because I care and I cannot afford to be hurt. As we move on today, why don't you also make a conscious effort to maybe, just let things be. Let some things slide. Let go of some people. Be happy and #staybeautiful.

Quick thought, not mine but I love it a lot - 'before you judge my life, my past, my character; walk in my shoes, walk the path I have traveled, live my sorrows, my doubts, my fears, my pains and most importantly, my laughter! Remember, everyone has their story, so... When you have lived mine, you can judge me'☺️. Fair, right?

BantzwithTee is one of my many positives from the pandemic and I'm thankful for the opportunities so far. Our growing 'clan', lives being changed / helped and the realization that without all these, we are nothing.

We appreciate everyone who has supported us so far, we look forward to many many more years of providing solace and succour for anyone needing it. We are ALWAYS available.

As usual,

It's me, Tee!

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