One of 'them' days!

It's Thursday and as some of you know, we record the live sessions of BantzwithTee on Instagram for our IGTV series.

Today, everything was 'just right' - great sound, great light, the audience was on board, asking questions / generally engaging and the guest, the guest was just perfect (you honestly wouldn't have known she was 'scared' as she really didn't want a live session). So, like I said, EVERYTHING was just PERFECT and then, it was time to upload and NOTHING happened!

WHAT!!! What do you mean NOTHING happened? Nothing happened mehn! The video did not upload, nothing. We then realised that there was an Instagram bug!

What!? Why tonight? WHY?

What to do? What would you have done? What would you have suggested?

Omoor! I was paralyzed. I was in shock, I almost cried. Then I said to myself! Sisto! Is it that hard? Please o, this is one of those challenges life throws at you, collect your lemon with a smile, biko and make your lemonade!

Guess what peeps! That was it! We made calls that late, we apologized, we made new art (see attached image) and we got a new recording scheduled and that was it!

This honestly is a 'vent' I had to let out because it is / was the start to my saying thank you to everyone for their continued support through this all.

BantzwithTee is a mental wellness program where we look for solutions to our 'everyday' mental wellness issues / challenges. Our charge is to 'normalise' taking care of as well as talking about your mental wellbeing. The culture of silence when it's mental health related needs to be 'broken'.

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Thank you for reading this and all the others. Do keep reading our blogs, listening to our podcasts as well as watching our IGTV series. We can't do any of these without your support.

As usual, it's Me...