Welcome to the second half of 2020, regardless of what we have gone through so far or experienced, it is my hope and belief that we will make what's left of the year exciting and meaningful.

Recently, we were discussing and two of my cousins had this to say, about 2020 - The younger one said 'O 2020, we need a do-over' and the older one answered 'No ways. 2020 should do and leave, so we can start a new year', in truth, I understood them both clearly and I didn't know which way to sway either BUT the truth is.... Regardless... We will MAKE IT COUNT!

Regardless of what it's appears like 2020 is all about, I am going to MAKE IT COUNT!

Regardless of what situation I find myself, I am going to MAKE IT COUNT!

Make it count! This will and should mean different things to each one of us reading this, now, especially as we find ourselves wading through life in these uncertain and interesting times.

I don't know about you BUT I have taken soooo much for granted, such that this time out / this opportunity has opened my eye desperately to the need to not only MAKE IT Count but TO GIVE THANKS for every little thing, at every little opportunity.

My nose - Being thankful for the gift of smell.

My arms / My heart - Being thankful for the gift of love as well as looking forward to once more hugging your dearest and nearest.

People around you - The gift of friendships, near and far.

Family - The closest (hopefully) ones to you in all and any situation.

All these endless gifts that we receive daily.


A smile here.

A kind word there.

A helping hand today.

A shoulder tomorrow

That wave at a stranger

That smile at the guard

A calming word

A soothing hand

Believe me, the list is endless.

Life is short, smile.

Call someone you love.

Make an effort to make someone happy, it would actually make you happy too.

It's me Tee,

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