Discussing Rape Trauma and some Helplines

According to Wikipedia -

Rape trauma syndrome (RTS) is the psychological trauma experienced by a rape victim that includes disruptions to normal physical, emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal behavior. The theory was first described by nurse Ann Wolbert Burgess and sociologist Lynda Lytle Holmstrom in 1974.

RTS is a cluster of psychological and physical signs, symptoms and reactions common to most rape victims immediately following a rape, but which can also occur for months or years afterwards.

Why the definition?

It is important to showcase that as rape victims also suffer from Ptsd (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) just like any war veteran or someone / anyone who has undergone any form of trauma.

We are not here to dwell on the act of rape BUT to help our readers deal with the trauma of the assault.

Rape is sexual assault, an assault that leaves the victim with confusing symptoms varying from disbelief, to self loathing, hate, suicide and so much more. All of which might be confusing BUT actually expected given the trauma of such an attack.

The victim of rape is never ever at fault regardless of what the case may or might have been.... You would hear things like indecent dressing, too much alcohol, we are / were friends and all sorts of silly comments.

The truth is.... No one has permission to do anything, to or with you, against your wishes.

Like I said earlier, we are here to help you deal with any forms of trauma you might be going through.

To this effect, next week - 16th June, we will have an energy psychologist talking us through some ways of dealing with rape trauma on your own (it is always best to seek help BUT as is often the case, most people go through this alone BUT now, this is us, going through the healing experience with you as best as we can).

The upper week - 23rd June, we will be dealing with rape trauma 'spiritually', as we would have another guest talking / helping us through this healing process on another level.

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Below are some Helpline that we hope will come in handy should anyone need help. Alternatively, we are always available to help you deal privately, just reach out.

Call me Tee, I am always here for you...


DSVRT Lagos @DSVRT(on socials) Call 112 / 08137960048 Or to report, send 'ABUSE' to 6820 Or Dial *6820#

S.T.E.R Initiative @StandtoEndRape (On socials) Lagos, Abuja and Port Harcourt Call 08095967000 / 08130320270

POLICE Force Gender Unit 08039397951 Complaint Response Unit 08057000001 Public Complaint Bureau 07056792065

Mirabel Centre Sexual Assault Referral Centre 08155770000 08187243468